Friday, July 16, 2010

a kick in the..

Went to bed early and still woke up really tired. Had to drag myself to the pool. Did my normal 100 warmup and 100 of the following drills side switch, catchup and fingertip drag. Felt sore when I started swimming.

Then 10 x 50 on 20 second rest followed by an easy 400.

1 - 45
2 -48
3 - 46
4 - 48
5 - 49
6 - 49
7 - 46
8 - 49
9 - 48
10 - 48
400 - 8:30

Pretty tired when I got out of the pool I hope I recover well the next couple of days before the tri on sunday. Im made an effort to eat more than I normally would just in case that is a source of some of my fatigue. That had me not feeling so great either. Drinking a ton of water too. Tomorrow I will start the carb/electrolyte loading as well as get myself race stuff ready to go. I plan on picking up my packet and attending the race meeting since I don't know this course at all. Had stuff I just didn't feel like dealing with today happen. Mobile phone broke so I had to take that to the store and I won't get another one until tomorrow. Also got locked out of my house when wind blew my door shut as I was moving groceries into the house. Had to walk in flip flops to my parents house to get keys to let myself back in. Nothing serious just annoying

sprouted grain bagel
vega wfo w.coconut water
tempeh bacon
dark chocolate peanut butter
Lentils & brown rice
hummus & veggies
possibly found out why Im having troubles with my heel. My tendon in my ankle is over stretched from having rolled it a couple of times and probably never letting it heal properly or rehabing it. I used to kickbox and do martial arts which are great for rolling ankles. So that is what I am going to attempt to do after this tri on sunday.

I just hope tomorrow and sunday go better than the rest of this week has been going.

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