Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Race Report - Anthracite Tri

Anthracite Tri - Race Report!!! Olympic Distance

Saturday I did a quick 20 minute easy bike and 20 minute easy run with 3 20 second pickups in both sports. Then washed my bike and my friend got him all race ready! We taped the gels on the tube which I am not sure i really like since they scratched my legs up while riding. I did like the salt in the bento box though. I had to do my carb and electrolyte loading. So I made some wafflers, roasted potatoes and tempeh bacon. Then had some vegan pizza for lunch. I made ginger ale with coconut water for the electrolytes. I went to pick up my packet and found out it wouldn't be a wetsuit legal race which had me a little concerned since i've never done the lake swim without my wetsuit on but nothing I could do about it. Also they change the swim start from a beach start to an in water start because the water level was too low to the rocks. I liked this as it made it less crazy. The transistion area was really far from the lake several parking lots away but again it is what it is. Spent the night packing my stuff and trying to sleep. The sleeping did not go well at all! I guess I was nervous.

sunday morning - race day! even more nervous! I had no desire to eat but idid manage a banana. The whole drive down I thought I might throw up. Got to the race site and had about 20 minutes to check in, get marked up and setup my trainsition area. Walking to check in my arms and legs were shaking a little. yeah i was being pretty ridiculous about the whole thing. Got setup in transition and headed down to the water to take a little warmup swim. The water was really warm. they said 82. Felt good not to the wetsuit on for it. I was in wave 2 so I got to watch wave 1 take off before entering the water. I actually got much calmer once my wave walked into the water. treaded water until the gun went off and then I just tried to swim smoothly. I started towards the back of my wave since I am not a strong swimmer. I was ok with the contact which I was worried about going into the race. None of it was really bad. I did have to clear water out of my goggles at least twice which was weird since they were fine on the warmup. Ended up throwing in a little breast stroke at the 1st turn buoys because the girl in front of me was doing that and I couldn't get around her and it because a cluster of bodies around the turn. Then we were swimming directly into the sun and I couldn't see the next buoy to swim to so I was just following the swimmers in front of me since we were all going the same place. Hit a bunch of gross weeds that were tying themselves around me but I kept going and didn't allow myself to freak out. although I did pick some of them off of me when possible. Coming around the last turn the water got really choppy, not sure why but i was being tossed around from it. but we were getting closer to the beach and I was still feeling really good. I never got tired on the swim. Ran out of the water and uphill to the transition area and started feeling it. t1 went smoothly. Headed out on the bike and my garmin wasn't working. So I was playing with that trying to get it to work when I finally realized it was frozen at 10:16 pm saturday night. This has never happened with it before so of course it would happen for my first race. So I had no heart rate monitor, no distance, no cadence, etc for the bike or the run. The bike course was really hilly so I was not killing the pace since I had no idea how much distance was left to cover. At one point I lost the biker in front of me and no one was behind me so I was afraid I actually got off the course. I finally saw a guy on the street and i yelled to him to see if i was still on the course. Luckily I was! I didn't know the area at all and could have done much better on the bike if i knew the course because there were some great downhills but I didn't know where the turns were so I didn't go too crazy on the bike. I was almost done with the bike when I had a little incident where my bike started sliding off the road so I put my hand down on the guardrail to steady my position and just kept riding. I never fell just kept going but my thumb was killing me. It made it really hard to shift my bike so I was doing some interesting contortions to get that done when necessary. I was also not feeling well from the gels on the bike. It wasn't an issue when I tested them out training so it could be how nervous I was. Im not really sure. I took the gels and the salt and I didn't have an issue but I wouldn't be surprised if I threw up from them. Came off the bike still feeling strong. Headed out on the run which ended up being more of a trail run than advertised. Trail running is not my thing but I had to do it. There were four water stations and 2 of them were out of water. all they had was gatorade so I passed on it since I didn't want to get sick and just dealt with the water I could get. The was a big hill on the run that actually didn't feel nearly as bad as the bike climbs I'd already done. I came off the hill and thought I only have 3 miles left to go and I felt really good so im going to start pushing the pace when I tripped over a tree root and went down cutting my hand, arm and leg up. I got right back up and started running. I refused to even look down at myself because I didn't want to know how bad it was I just wanted to finish. I felt like I finished the run strong. I probably could have pushed it more in all aspects of the race. especially the bike and the swim. I did let the ambulance wash off my wounds but they were not really serious. Grabbed a banana and a vega and hung out for awhile. Iced the thumb a bit. After the race I was tired and didn't really do much the rest of the day. But I wasn't really sore just tired. Went to bed early. woke up a little tired but still not really sore and took a rest day monday. Went for an easy 30 minute swim and drills in the pool today. Shoulders were a little tight when I started but overall did fine. going to get my thumb looked at this afternoon even though I think it is fine. I can't grip weights or anything like that because it is swollen and a little bruised up but I don't think it is painful enough for it to be broken.

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