Monday, July 5, 2010

the streak is broken

Here I am at Harvey's lake getting an open water swim in. This is the lake I will be swimming in for the Wilkes-Barre Triathlon. Swam for about 38 minutes. I was told it was a mile and a half but I doubt that distance since I don't swim that fast. Still it was good to get out in the open water and working on my sighting. I did better this time than last time but I am still more comfortable in a pool than I am in open water. I actually don't mind the deep part of the lake I love swimming there. It is the shallow beachy area of the lake I don't like swimming in.  I just feel uncomfortable trying to swim in water I can stand up and run in.  I guess I have to get used to it. Hopefully all of the fireworks are over for me in my training  as I didn't have any accidents today! I also hope my neighbors used all of their fireworks up so I can get some sleep tonight!


  1. Let's hope you got the "accidents" out of the way, so you can have some great races!

  2. Yeah, the fireworks have been driving us crazy - especially our dog (poor thing!). Hopefully the accidents are over - stay safe.

  3. @dan - hope your right about the races

    @martin - I hate that the fireworks go off for a week. It is hard to sleep with that stuff. Finally they are over and we can sleep!