Saturday, July 3, 2010


Eventful ride this morning. Sooooooo happy I got it in because I needed it.  Spent awhile trying to get air in my tire. There is a different valve on it now and not sure what my issue was exactly just hope I don't have it again. I rode about 3 miles as a warmup - stopping every so often to check noises and things out on the bike. Then finally decided to just go for the ride it must be fine. Spent the first couple miles of my ride trying to figure out what was wrong with the bike. I just didn't feel comfortable on it. Today was a nutrition and hydration practice ride so it was time for my first gel and there must be kryptonite in this damn hammer gels because after my feeding it hit me what was wrong. It wasn't the bike it was me.  I'd lost my swagger! I wasn't riding the bike like I normally do, I was riding the bike like i was afraid of crashing again. I was being too cautious and ridiculous about it so I settled myself down and just got back into riding and feeling like part of the machine instead of seperated from it. I'm certain I will crash the bike again, it's part of the game. I've had my bike up to 48 mph downhill just this week, I'm not normally afraid of being on the bike I usually love it! I did fine with the nutrition. I set an alarm on my watch to go off everyone 20 minutes for the gel and about 10 minutes into that I would use a salt tab. Only had one incident where I dropped my water bottle on the road. I don't really like the placement of my second new water bottle but i don't really think there is anywhere else to put it on the bike so I better just get used to it. There isn't much clearance to get the bottle in and out quickly while riding. First time using it so maybe i will get used to it with more use. Had a few traffic issue towards the end of the ride that slowed me down a bit but not much i can do about that.  I finished the 30 mile ride and it was time for a gel but I decided to skip that and the salt because i only had to run a mile and i just didn't need it. not sure if that's the right decision or not. I like the transition with the yanks on my sneaks so much faster but as soon as I started running these new sneakers just feel weird like I am running on something. The feeling stayed for awhile. Of course my legs felt like crap when running. When I got done I did feel much better than I normally do. Normally I want to drink everything in sight and Im hungry except I don't feel like I could stomach food.  Today I wasn't dieing of thirst and I was able to start eating when I got home. Something I almost never do. I guess I really need to work on my drinking etc. when training. I just don't make myself do it until i feel i need it and its probably too late then.

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