Thursday, July 1, 2010

merely a flesh wound

Started the day with Griff which is an 800 meter run forward followed by a 400 meter run backwards repeated twice.  I walked to the track and did a slow mile warmup. Time - 15.43.  Doing this wod made me think of my dad because I started running with him when I was very young.  Of course I was doing his warmup with him as he ran marathons but he would often run backward and offer encouragement. Doing that was harder than it looked!

Then I crashed on my bike commute today. I was coming down a hill and I made a right hand turn into a surprise! Some glass from an automobile accident and my bike just slide out from under me. In some miraculous fashion I was able to jump off the bike and land on my feet without every falling although the bike went skidding into the road. I was able to grab the bike before it got hit by any cars so I was lucky again. My leg is cut up probably from hitting the gears getting off the bike but i will take that over how bad it could have been. I was really lucky not to land in the glass or get hit by a car. I did something to the tire and not sure about the rest of the bike. The water bottle holder broke but that is nothing.Took it to the shop and hope to get it back tomorrow so I can do my workout on saturday with it.

Then did my backsquats wod but I was rushed because I had to get a ride there and back over my lunch hour.  Did ok, as the depth on the 145 was feeling comprised on the 4 and 5th rep. I would have liked to go higher but at least i got it done.


  1. Okay i'm regretting a little that i got you commuting on your bike! you gotta be careful out there!!

    So glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been...

  2. Wow - glad you are ok and way to hang in for the squats.

  3. @pam - don't b silly I love riding my bike as much as possible. Falling is part of the game I get that. Im amazed that with my backpack on everything was still fine. My protein shake didn't even spill! I am a little annoyed that the glass is still on the road when I went by again.

    thanks erica!