Monday, July 26, 2010

outta here

wanted to get a quick pool workout in before i leave town for the beach for a few days.  decided to go and give my hand a rest for a bit. had to tape my thumb to swim which hurts to do and feels weird in the water but ill gladly deal with both to keep swimming.  100 warmup and 100 of  each drill. workout was 25 hard 25 easy 50 hard 50 easy 75 hard 75 easy 100 hard 100easy 150 hard. time was 13:12. gotta talk to jay about my workouts for the next few days once I figure out what I have access to.  def some beach running. if i can find someone to go with maybe ocean swimming. im going to miss my bike! I watched the live lake placid feed yesterday and tracked you guys when I was packing my stuff for the trip. so proud of all of you and can't wait to read your race reports! Hope your recovering well!

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