Friday, July 23, 2010

thumb up

swam this morning - was afraid it might be my last swim for awhile
4 rounds of (200, 100, 50) rest the interval - I screwed up it was supposed to be 5 rounds of this. I thought I did 5 rounds but when I went back to take the times off my watch i can only find four rounds. it really felt like 5!  I didn't really have time for another round anyway because I had to get to work. I don't really like workouts that are rest the interval or more rest than work ratioed because I spend so much time not swimming and they take longer for me to complete which usually puts me in a rush to get to work.

100 warmup and 100 of switch, catch and drag

200 - 3:48 - accidently rested 2.48 before hitting the 100 because i forgot im a slow swimmer and i messed up the time
100 - 1.43
50 - 45
200 - 3.50
100 - 1.43
50 - 45
200 - 3.50
100- 1.41
50 - 45
200 - 3.51
100 - 1.41
50 - 46
the ortho visit went ok. I was dreading it because I was fearful of surgery or a cast! ive got the thumb in a splint/removable cast thing for 2 weeks. then i am going to go and get another xray. if it is working i will have to wear this contraption for a few more weeks. if not i will have to get a hard cast on. we're trying to avoid surgery on it. Im going to try to be very good and wear this thing as much as possible and hopefully avoid the torture of a hard cast. i can take it off to shower. I will tape my thumb to my fingers to swim. The doc would have preferred the hard cast option so that i complied and had it constantly immobilized but if this works it will allow me to keep training more than the hard cast will. If i get the hard cast the tris i wanted to do in august are pretty much out and would be sadness.

5 rounds of
10 meters forward quick feet drill
10 meters backward quick feet drill
50 meters walking lunges

time 11:39
tried to be as accurate as possible on the quick feet drill. did it on a track not an agility ladder.

tired and cranky tonight. didnt want to eat my dinner had a protein shake instead. not sure why. maybe the contraption is irritating me already. Reminds me of having to wear the sling for so long after shoulder surgery. im going to try my best to be good.

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  1. MaryStella,
    I think this is a good compromise. You can definitelt do more "creative" training and hopefully won't do any more damage. Stay positive and look at how proud you will be of yourself once you complete your races, knowing you did the training with a busted thumb.