Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hills 2 Climb

I started the day off with 66 laps in the pool. It wasn't a scheduled workout I just felt like I needed a good swim after yesterdays tough one.  I wasn't really going for time but I did time it and it took me 34 minutes.  I left the pool feeling fantastic which was nice.  I had a bike workout of 4:3 2:.30 1:3 2:.30 4 (on:off) and I took a new road and found nice hills to climb. I should have turned around about half way into the workout and started back but I kept finding another hill I wanted to get up. And I wanted to be working on the "on" and not going down a hill.   So I ended up riding the whole distance back easy and mostly downhill but it did have a few uphills which i didn't think about when doing the workout. Luckily it was a short one so I don't think it matter much. Again I felt really good riding and good afterwards. Just have good energy today! :) I registered for the Anthracite Triathlon on July 18th. It is relatively close to my house and it is an Olympic distance tri. I want to use this Tri as a dress rehearsal for the Wilkes-Barre Tri in August. I want it to be a good hard training race to get me more comfortable  in the wb tri. I've heard from numerous people that the Anthracite tri has a harder bike and run course then wb due to its hilly nature. Good news is it is a much smaller race participants wise.

So how many bottles do you think I need to hang from this fuel belt? Just wondering what one I should get. As always thanks!


  1. Depends on the distances you will be racing - I recommend four bottles - you can always use less if the event (or training) run is shorter. On long events you can refill the bottles at aid stations. I know some belts hold six bottles, but I could not see weighing myself down that much. I only wished I had more water on one training run so far - one day out of 365 is not going to cause me to change my opinion.

  2. Agree with Martin. Four is perfect. I only use it for training runs. For races, I prefer to eat and drink off the course during the run. Maybe if its exceptionally hot, I'd use the FB for a race...

  3. Yep, 4 Helium style is what I have. On shorter runs, I only take 2 bottles