Sunday, June 6, 2010

1st open water swim

Did my first open water swim in the lake I will be swimming the WB tri in. Had some help getting my wetsuit on which made it quick and easier. Swam over a mile. I noticed my surgical shoulder was a little achy in the water and on the car ride home. Not sure if this is because of the wetsuit. I noticed I was not getting my right elbow high coming out of the water (surgical side) when compared to my left elbow. The person i was swimming with confirmed that for me as well. My biggest issue when swimming today was trying to site. I was trying to follow my friend and thought I was swimming in a straight line right behind him but I would always end up of course. I'd recollect and start swimming at him again. I even lead a couple of times and still did the same thing. I definitely need to work on that and will try to lake swim as much as I can just to work on it. He even said to me well you would be fast if we could keep you swimming in a straight line. This lake is pretty murky so that doesn't help. My biggest issue when siteing is I feel like I need to pop my head up like a seal to really see where i am going. Of course everytime I do this it drops my butt down and costs me time. Im really glad I got this swim in. I didn't feel up to running my feet were still sore when I got up today. I've got them in the jay swift torture treatment right now, which is really just an ice bath but it sounds more accurate my way. I really love my new sports bikini, so glad I got it.

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