Saturday, June 26, 2010

25 mile bike

Rode 25 miles on my bike this morning.  time - 1:39:35.  Had some traffic issues but not too bad although some suicidal squirrel tried to off himself in my front tire. Course was mostly flat, a few hills but no major long climbs. The last 5 miles or so I was tired and ready to be done.  I thought my legs were mostly recovered this morning until I got on the bike. They were sore the whole way. the 13 mile run tomorrow is going to be interesting. Have an AMRAP to do later. Jay is racing this morning. Can't wait to hear how he does.


  1. You gotta watch out for the little rodents. I cut a chip monk right in half once with my front wheel. Are you racing tomorrow or just doing a long run for fun? ;)

  2. not racing tomorrow and not sure if it going to be fun. Ill see how the feet hold out in the new sneakers.