Saturday, June 26, 2010


got a sunburn today pretty much everywhere. My right inner thigh has been really sore since the DU/Overhead Squats. Not sure what is going on with it.  Did as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of 20 double unders 20 ABMAT situps 20 back extension. got 8 completed rounds and 20 double unders and 1 situps of the 9th round. Nothing hurts like whipping your fresh sunburn doing double unders.

vega wfo w.coconut water, mango, berries
tempeh sausage, tofu scramble w/spinach &  potatoes
Soba noodles w/tofu, avocados, peas & romaine
dark chocolate peanut butter
vega performance protein w. apple juice/water


  1. Just watched the video of double unders - wow!!! I think I need to maybe try some jump rope stuff, one day, after the big race. Good work.

  2. They are a great coordination skill.