Sunday, June 27, 2010

13 mile run ... hang on a little bit longer.. running with the ramones!

Completed a 13 mile run today. This is the farthest I have run at one time yet. The last couple of miles were tough. I was rocking the ramones on the ipod to get me through it. I was having problems with my feet growing numb around mile 3 and that continued for the next 10 miles or so, then they just started to hurt.

So here I am now enjoying the ice soak, AKA Jay Swift Torture Treatment!!

I didnt take any water or anything with me. I lost 4 pounds of sweat. It took me 2:28 minutes. Im happy just to get through it. 


  1. First, I am digging the purple toes! If this was not an organized run, then that means you went w/out anything - gel/water for 13.1 - yikes!
    I think I may need to try the ice torture one day

  2. Thanks on the toes. Yep I went out without anything and survived although I was feeling it when I got home. I hope you never ever need the ice torture!

  3. Wow Mary Stella! No water or gels. Glad you made it home okay. Definitely worth a fuel belt or something if you will be doing more runs of this distance by yourself. Take care of the feet and they'll take care of you.

  4. Great job gutting out the run! Did you go without fluids on purpose?

    Next time fluids and sunscreen!

  5. It was very humid or it wouldn't have been so bad. I did go without them on purpose because I was told I didn't really need them. which was true I didn't really need them. If it was any farther I think I would have needed them. Im not a big fan of sunscreen either can you tell! The burn is much better today already.