Thursday, June 17, 2010

6.17.10 Still a little sore when I got up this morning. Did a mile warmup jog then focused on lower leg stretching as my legs are just so tight lately. I feel like I really need it to get worked out. I know that my inov8s are supposed to be better for my pose running and that my intention was to do this to keep my running injury free but honestly my feet hurt more than when I was wearing my orthotics and Brooks. Maybe need ART again? I'm going to keep going with it and hope it all works itself out. Also not sure about these running shorts I got. I like that they have the little key pocket but I swear the soccer shorts I normally run in are more comfortable because they are silky and just slide off of each other more than these really lightweight running shorts that just seem to roll up when you run. I know people laugh that I run in soccer shorts but I like them. If only they had the little key pocket!

Run 2 x 1 mile on 4 minute rest - did it on a track
mile 1 - 8:01 - felt good probably could have gone faster
mile 2 - 8:22 - felt good but I lost my focus from trying to move fast and have to refocus myself a couple of times.
1/2 mile cooldown jog

Since I did not have a double session today I took an hour to just stretch. Mostly focused on my legs, especially the lower but did everything. Hopefully my arms will not still be sore tomorrow.

Banana, Mango, Pineapple, Coconut water Vega Performance Protein
VEGA WFO w/coconut water
Tempeh salad w/peas, asain pear and wasabi dressing w/brown rice crackers
dark chocolate peanut butter
tempeh with tomatoes,onions, peppers, daiya chedder, black beans and corn chips
chocolate soymilk

swimming tomorrow morning then starting my hydration protocol for sundays race.
Did my usual bike commuting. Took my mountain bike out for a short store trip> it feels better now but i just enjoy riding my road bike more lately.

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