Friday, June 18, 2010

I dream of....

Got to bed on time last night and slept mostly well. I had a weird dream last night where I was racing in the duathlon and they made us take the wheels off our bikes to store them so when I got to my Transition area I couldn't get my wheels on my bike to start the bike portion. How weird.

Swimming - warmup 100, drills - 100 - 6 beat switch, 100 catch up, 100 finger tip. Didn't feel physically tired but swimming was difficult today. I just didn't get comfortable in the pool. Could be the little taper I am doing, sometimes I find I feel weak during that kind of time.
800 yds time trial - 16:33 - I didn't really feel all that great when doing this and expected my time to be horrible but I kept telling myself to just keep going. I was surprised when I saw the time. I expected it to be higher. I was focusing on taking nice long strokes and gliding more than I normally would. Maybe it helped or maybe I miscounted on my laps.

Bike Commuting and Did another hour worth of stretching today. I going to be using my rolling pin and golf ball and just going after it the next couple of day to try to lossen up a bit for the du on sunday. I went and picked up my packet tonight. I looked through it pretty quickly and there isn't any rules etc in there. Just a note that there is an athlete meeting at 7:15. I don't really like the timing chip I have it seems like a really old one. Ive never seen one like this before. I like the tshirts, they are cute with a bike with sneakers hanging from the handle bars.

have some things going on tonight and tomorrow so im not sure how the resting/sleeping thing is going to go but I am going to try to be good.

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