Tuesday, June 29, 2010

are you tough enough?

This morning I def was not tough enough. The Swim with the tough enough tshirt on was tough.. The lifeguard was over 30 minutes late so I didn't have time for much of a warmup or drills. I did do a 150 to warmup. Then did a 500 time trial wearing this tshirt. It didn't go well at all I felt like the tshirt was really dragging me down. It took me 11:25 and was just not good swimming at all, mostly mentally I was checked out. I just did not like the feeling of the tshirt and I couldn't wait to get it off and I let it get to me. I didn't just deal with it.  My swimming technique isnt the greatest (understatement) and the drag was just making it worse. Frustrated with myself for sure. I did a 50 to cooldown without the tshirt so that I could feel normal swimming again. I most likely will go swim tomorrow morning just to feel better about swimming again. Since i had myself all jacked up I decided i needed to go and do jackie  "jackie is " - 1000m row  - 50 - 45lb Thrusters - 30 pullups time - 12:49 I needed this workout mentally after this crappy swim this morning. I'm feeling pretty good today. energy level high. Not really sore. I fairly certain that will change but it is nice to say occasionally.
Looking for recommendations on a hydration system? What works better the belt with the bottles or the camelbak hydrabackpack things?

vega wfo w/coconut water
peanut butter
tempeh with veggies
roasted cauliflower


  1. Assuming you are talking about hydration for running, I have tried both and now only use the fuel belt helium. Very comfortable.
    And I have to give Jackie a try one of these days, sounds like a tough one.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, you swimming with a tshirt is faster than me swimming without one. Sounds like you got the frustration out on Jackie. I too like the fuel belt.

  3. thanks for the recommendations on the fuel belt!

  4. fuel belt is the bomb!

    why did you swim with a t-shirt on? was that part of the workout? to create drag?

    swimming is hard... been working at it for 4 years now and really only minimal improvement

    let the crappy workout go... you'll be awesome tomorrow :)

  5. MaryStella,

    Definately the Fuel Belt Helium. You are most certainly "tough enough." How many of your friends and family do the stuff you do? 5% - 10% max. I am in awe at how hard you work.


  6. @pam - yes it was part of the workout to create drag. Also I think Jay is trying to off me.

    Thanks for the kind works guys!

    So how many bottles are you hanging from the fuel belt? I am trying to decide what size to get?