Sunday, June 20, 2010

1st du done! :)

6.20.10 - Did my first duathlon today. It was really fun. I was nervous beforehand. Was only able to eat half a bagel this morning. Just didn't have an appetite. Rode my bike to the race for a warmup about 3 miles. Got there and had almost no room in the my transition area. I had to put my shoes under my bike and my helmet on my bars. Should have left earlier. Didn't have much time to get ready for the race. I did a little stretching through the athletes meeting. Then it was time to line up. It felt fantastic when we were sent out. People were really running the first leg. I think I may have done the first run a little faster than I should have. My heart rate monitor kept telling me I was above my desired zone but I wasn't feeling bad so I tried to hold back a little but not too much. I actually really liked the running course they had, which is good since I had to do it twice. When I got to the transition area I was so excited to get out on my bike I started leaving the transition area without my helmet on. On of the nice volunteers reminded me and he held my bike while I strapped it on. Then I was out on the bike and I was still feeling good although my heart rate was still higher than it was supposed to be. Maybe I was just excited with it all or maybe because it was so hot. I felt like I rode pretty well. Kept on it as much as possible. I was really thirsty on the bike but only took a couple of sips. The traffic control was really well done, thankfully. Some people from my gym were doing the race in teams so I had some cheers en route which was great! Got back to transition again and another disaster. First I was trying to run with my cleats on and that wasn't going so well. Didn't fall but didn't feel like I was making much progress either. Then my assigned bike spot was taken as well as all of the spots around. Another very nice volunteer guy came and took my bike from me so i could just keep moving. I was supposed to take a gel and head out on the run but I decided against it since it was so hot and I was feeling dehyrdated I just didnt feel like I could scarf it down. Also I knew I would get done right around the 2 hour mark so I didn't feel like I really needed it. I think I made the right decision because I didn't feel any need for it. I was taking water at the water stations, just a sip and then over the head went the rest of it. The legs were a little dead heading into the last run but not so bad that I couldn't keep moving. They came alive again after a mile or so. My feet were really starting to hurt probably running with bad form from fatigue. Wish I could have pushed it a little more on the last run. Finished in 2:05:24. When I got done I had some pneumonia lungs. Trying to talk to some friends that were there and I was feeling the pneumonia! I probably should have walked around after finishing to cooldown because I felt like when I did move if I moved too fast my legs would hurt. It was a weird feeling. If I moved slow they were fine if I moved fast they were unhappy with me. Weird? Waiting to see the results online to see what it all ended up looking like for me. Lots of things to work on and improve for sure but I did have a great time. I was pounding the water down after the race but didn't have real food for almost 6 hours later. just didn't have an appetite. When I say real food I mean solid food not smoothies or protein shakes etc. Not exactly sure why on that one. Doing ice soaks for my feet since they hurt, otherwise I feel ok.

pre race 1/2 bagel
post race 1/2 bagel
vega wfo w/coconut water
banana pineapple mango smoothie with coconut water and vega performance protein
2 slices of vegan broccoli pizza
dark chocolate peanut butter


  1. Sounds like you had a good time and that's the most important thing. I think you may have been a little dehydrated on the second run - I recommend drinking more on the bike - easier to get it down on the bike than in the run.

  2. I had a great time but I think your right and I did get dehydrated. I agree I should have had more water on the bike. Will keep in mind for future races.