Thursday, June 3, 2010

come on legs!

Run 6 miles - did this as soon as I got out of bed Feet were sore, legs were tight and that was before I even started to workout. Got through this workout but didn't feel like I had much to be able to push the pace. Feel super slow and hate it! I'm icing and I ordered Kinesio tape online today to hopefully help my feet out a bit.
Time 1:01

100 burpees for time - 9:02 - my legs were hurting from like the second rep on! Not in a bad way just in a hate burpees kind of way. I actually don't hate burpees or running I like both of them, my legs just weren't buying into the plan for today.

vega wfo w/coconut water
tempeh bacon
grit tofu
vega vibrnacy bar


  1. Did I read it that you actually like burpees? Are you sure that it wasn't a typo?

  2. lol! I like them better than overhead squats for sure!