Monday, June 7, 2010

Run/Lunge Wod & Erin

Really tired when I got up today just been busy and not getting enough sleep. Need to correct that this week. I dragged myself out to do a six mile run with 50 walking lunges after each mile. 6.13 total time of 1:06. Feet/legs were tight and sore before I started and even worse aftewards. I got them kinesio taped and they felt better. My roll of kinesio tape came in the mail today and I am going to learn how to use it soon as i have a hard time actually keeping this from peeling off my feet/legs. Also feel like my diet has suffered a bit the last couple of days. Just feeling nauseated a bit and haven't been eating as much as normal. Then "Erin" 5 rounds of 15 split cleans with 15 lbs dumbbells and 21 pullups. I definately could have gone heavier on the cleans. I started off with 20s but felt like they were going to slow me down so I went lighter. I wanted to make sure I had good control over the weights and one of the dumbbells didn't get instabile and pull my shoulder behind me. I also used a blue band for the pullups since there were so many of them. My grip was actually what was killing me as the wod went on and for awhile afterwards. erin took me 17:30 I did all of my commuting by bike again today. Took my road bike in to get it adjusted. Rode my mountain bike a bit and it feels funny i have gotten so accustomed to my road bike.

vega wfo w.coconut water
red beans & brown rice
vega vibrancy bar
spouted grain bagel w. earth balance
thai salad
thai tofu, veggies & brown rice


  1. super impressed that you are bike commuting as much as you are! so important for us to stop creating so much demand for oil!

  2. @pam - I agree. I pretty much bike commute to work and the gym everyday and whatever errands i can do on the bike too. I love it except when the cars are trying to take me out.