Thursday, June 10, 2010

Giants Despair & Bike Tabata

6.10.10 - 1 mile hill run at Giants Despair.
Didn't do much of a warmup because how can you remember prep yourself for the giant! I ran it in 15 minutes. It is a pretty serious hill with over a .25 at 22 % grade. Happy to get it done. Now I want to get better at it! My heart rate spiked all the way to 229 today while doing this! I am surprised because I didn't even know it went that high! I walked back down not wanting to put any pounding into my sore feet. I had my kinesio tape on and now I am in an ice bath. They don't feel too bad at least not yet. I was pretty tired afterwards, it was a slower than usual commute to work on my bike. Then Tabata bike intervals for 16 rounds. had minimal traffic interruption. Will try to do this as earlier in the morning next time.

banana, mango, blueberry, orange, vega performance protein
tempeh bacon
vega wfo w.coconut water
cumin lime tofu
hummus w.steamed broccoli
dark chocolate peanut butter

Registered for a sprint tri today and an open water 1 mile swim race both in august. I want to put my race schedule up on my blog but i don't know how.


  1. Wow MaryStella that seems like a huge hill. Way to push through it! That HR is seriously high. When I added my schedule, I was editing my profile I think.

  2. Wow is right - way to get up that crazy sounding hill.