Saturday, June 5, 2010

4 mile road race

ran a 4 mile road race today. Never did this event before so wasn't familiar with the course. Ran it in 34:57, I was a little disappointed and I thought my time would have been a little lower but I felt like I was working on the course. I didn't go in with any rest so I know that is a factor but I always want to be faster. My feet were hurting when I got up today. I tried to stretch them and get ready for the race. Got lost going to the race wasn't sure exactly where it was so I ended up getting there checking in, running back to the car with my stuff and going to the starting line. Did a sprint off the line and called it a warmup as it was time for the race director to talk and start us. Nice course, will do the race again. I have run the last two races and workouts without my ipod since I can't have it for the du or tri but I really miss it. I run so much better rocking out to the red hot chili peppers then listening to people breathe and smack their feet against the ground. I know i should get used to not using it but I am so tempted to just use it whenever I can and just deal with it when I cant. ate a recovery meal, iced down my feet. They are still sore and I will have to do this again later for sure. I got my sport bikini today and I really like it. I also got a pair of 2xu tri shorts I like. I am going to use them to ride my bike in a bit. I am going to send back my cw-x tri top and tri shorts as I think they are too tight and I would be more comfortable in a better fitting size.

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