Wednesday, June 16, 2010

from 90 to a 100

well I didn't suceed in getting to bed early last night so I woke up pretty tired again today. But today is another day for me to get to bed early(ish).

I was pretty sore from the CF wod yesterday so I really needed the warmup 3 miles on the bike before hitting the main bike set. I did a bunch of 1 leggers to work on pulling up in my bike stoke. Then 6 rounds of 90 seconds on 90 second off. All out efforts.
Round 1 - .44
Round 2 - .46
Round 3 - .44
Round 4 - .43
Round 5 - .43
Round 6 - .44

Did a cooldown back to the house. It was stormy weather today so no commuting on my bike. Eager to take my mountain bike for a ride now that I have it back to see how it feels.

CF wod for today was 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats for time. TIME : 11:35
pushups - my arms were sore to the touch today so I did 30 real pushups and the form (depth) started getting really bad really fast so I decided to take the ego hit and drop to my knees so that my chest was hitting the floor everytime and I was able to count the reps. Situps were done on a ABMAT. My tris are really sore from controlling the weight down from the jerks onto my chest yesterday. This was my last double workout day until after the duathlon I am racing in this weekend. I am still working out everyday but just a little taper to get some rest and recovery happening. Curious to see how I will make out in the DU. I know I will finish it but I don't really have a time goal. I would like to not crash on my bike and just have a solid effort and see where that puts me.

Banana, Mango, Pineapple, Coconut water, Vega Performance Protein
Tempeh Bacon
VEGA WFO w/coconut water
Grit Tofu
Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter
tofu scramble with broccoli
fingerling hashbrowns

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