Friday, June 11, 2010

swim 400s & leg destroyer wod

Swim - warmup 100, 100 6 beat switch, 100 catchup, 100 fingertip drills

4 x 400 meters on 30 seconds rest
1 - 8:43
2 - 8:45
3 - 8:50
4 - 8:53

I think I could have done these a little harder I wasn't sure how to pace because I wanted to make sure I could go the distance but I didn't really have a problem with that so next time I will go a little harder.

bike commuting 11 miles

for time - 100 step ups onto an 18 inch box, 75 box jumps @24 inches, 50 walking lunges, 25 squats time: 12:51

I considered doing the steps onto the 24inches box but it is a little high for my height but I think I could have done it. Maybe next time.

vega performance protein w/coconut water, peach, blueberries
dark chocolate peanut butter
tempeh bacon
vega wfo w.coconut water
cumin lime tofu
roasted yellow and green beans
orange juice
ethopian lentils
coconut brown rice

Got my tri top and tri shorts in the mail today I am going to test them out on my run bike run wod today. I am starting to believe that my feet are hurting from my lower legs just being so tight all the time! Must improve the flexibility. I also have to ice them as much as possible and kinesio tape when I can. I don't want them to be a limiting factor. I have been debating doing my first marathon this year. the steamtown marathon. It is very close to my house and from everyone I have every talked to about it a nice race. I know I can do a half marathon but can I do a full? Will the legs/feet hold up through that? I've been debating this in my own head all day.

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