Friday, March 18, 2011

Damon - to tame

swim - 3 x 500 yd drills, 100s of switch, catch, drag, shark , hesitate, head lead, side kicking, steamlined kicking.

500 yard TT - 8.45 - pretty consistent with the one i did a few days ago.

got to start jumping around again today!

5 minutes jumping rope

15 box jumps @ 12 inches
15 box jumps @ 18 inches
15 box jumps @ 24 inches

row 1 mile for time - 7.32

3 x 30 seconds of hollow rocks. all of the GHDs have paid off these didn't even hurt!

more box jumps, then 5 more minutes of jumping rope, this time mixing in single foot and running in the rope.

my foot felt ok while I am doing it. Afterward it pretty much feels like it does when i get done running. A little tender like it has been worked but not really painful.

There is now a heavy bag hanging in the gym so i had to throw down some punch and kick combos. that felt awesome! It is going to be hard for me to go into the gym and not hit this bag everytime I am there.

i finished reading born to run last night. what a great book. I highly recommend it.

meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water
meal 2 - soy yougurt, blueberries, ground flax, vega wfo
meal 3 - lentil sheperds pie
meal 4 - clif builder bar & mac nuts
meal 5 - tempeh bacon, granola & soymilk, peanut butter

I had a trial of a bike ride today and not of the time sort. my date with damon: chased by a dog, stuck in a car accident, launched my water into the road, and had a kid with a scooter try to take me out. Im not great at riding my tri bike in the city yet. I have to get more comfortable on it. I went back for my water. I guess these aero bottles don't hold on well to the bike. The police actually let me ride through the accident while all of the cars had to wait for it to get cleaned up. The cop actually said to me be careful out there people are just not watching today. probably because of the nice warm weather or it's a full moon soon who knows. I was able to outside the dog. It was a big german shepperd! and i managed to swerve around the kid without dumping my bike. Thankfully this was just a getting used to the bike kind of ride instead of a workout or I wouldn't have gotten a very good workout in. I am going to have to find places to ride Damon that have less traffic. I am liking the saddle more that i am out on the road. I am not in love with the gearing. I might have to change that.

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