Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stefan my prince!

woke up this morning feeling like I needed some more mobility work. My left foot is sore. It started last night after my run. Maybe adjusting to the new adjustment the doc did to my orthotic or i was running stupid when my foot when numb and i didn't realize it. Or i hurt it during the mob work i did before i ran. Spent some quality time riding stefan this morning. Did a 2:30 minute ride. Covered 35.35 in that time. I did a little warmup (less than a mile) and a cooldown mile afterwards. avg speed 14.1 max 32.2 avg HR 135 max 154. It was an interesting ride. my legs pretty much hurt for the first 45 minutes. They were probably not recovered from yesterdays ride or run. Or it was so damn cold it took them that long to warm up. I think my hammer gels were partially frozen when I was eating them. I just tried to keep my cadence up and didn't attempt to push any hard gears when I was hurting in the beginning. After that I actually felt better. I was thinking about a lot of things when i was riding today. working on my cornering, line and climbing. All of them feel like they are getting better. Did some gel and salt on the ride but im not sure i really needed it. Garmin had me at 1,655 calories burned for the ride which is below 2,000.  Did 3 gels every 30 minutes starting after an hour and 2 salts - 1 an hour.

meal 1 - granola & soy yogurt
meal 2 - tofu, peppers, mushrooms, peanut butter

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