Thursday, March 24, 2011

Over the edge

swim - 500 yards of drills (100s of the usual suspects) then 1,000 paddles and pull buoy. Only stopped cuz i lost my paddle once and had to fix my pull buoy a couple of times. I swim very smoothly with paddles although i don't know how good my speed is with them. Finished with 500 of fins and kicking. side, streamlined, switch. I've been doing so much drill work lately i feel like i don't even swim! that changes for next time. looking forward to it.

cf wod -

4 rounds for time of
15 Deadlifts @185 lbs
20 box jumps @ 24 inches
time 16:13

I did my usual warmup plus 5 minutes of jumping rope to get ready for this. Then warmed up my deadlift from 135 to 215. Decided 185 would be a painful enough weight to use for the wod. Still don't think im fully recovered from previous workouts. felt pretty good the first round i was done in 3 minutes. 2nd round was 4 minutes. and it got worse from there. I was back to "crossfit" feeling or being a little dizzy.  The deads were feeling heavy it was getting challenging to maintain good form. My foot started to hurt a bit on the 3rd round of box jumps. Gonna have to work on that tonight.

meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water
meal 2 - hemp bagel & peanut butter
meal 3 - tofu, veggies, brown rice
meal 4 - clif builder bar

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  1. Great job on the deadlifts!! Take care of your foot and it will take care of you.