Monday, March 14, 2011

Effect & Cause

first off I absolutely hate the time change bs. I was tired and crabby getting up this morning. Had a hard time falling asleep last night (did get a lot of reading done, still LOVING born to run, great book!!) and getting up this morning. Glad it was only a drill day at the pool as I wasn't feeling energetic. I basically go to bed around the same time every night and wake up in the morning before my alarm goes off. But that one hour difference always screws up my internal clock.

swim 1700 of drills 100s of switch (both hand and head lead), catch, drag, shark , hesistate, side kicking, steamlined kicking

cf wod - "nancy"

5 rounds
Run 400 Meters (Rowed)
15 Overhead Squats @ 65 lbs (used 2 x 10 lb dumbbells = 20 lbs total)
time 23.26

why was the time so long and the weight so low? I am HORRIBLE at Over head squats. OHS and Snatches are my worst moves in crossfit for sure. I did all of these onto a medicine ball so the depth was good. Biggest problem is I have a hard time getting my surgical shoulder back into the position. I know it has been a long time since my surgery but in this situation it is still a factor. Because I used the dumbbells I had to stabilizer my shoulder more with the weight overhead making it harder and also I couldn't
use the other shoulder to cheat with a bar to pull this shoulder back. The wod went down where I couldnt connect more than 3 -4 OHS in a row and all of the pain was on the post op shoulder. When I cant get it back and i have to push the weight up with my squat it starts to come forward and that doesn't equal good things. This is the first time I am going these since my foot surgery and I havent worked on them much due to various injuries so maybe someday I will be better at them with some work. Feet felt ok on the rowing a little tight towards the end. I stretched the hell out of my lower legs and shoulder before the wod.

meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water
meal 2 - soy yougurt, blueberries, strawberries, ground flax, vega wfo, mac nuts
meal 3 - tofu, red peppers, green beans, roasted yams, guacamole

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