Monday, March 7, 2011

Living Well is the best revenge

did a heart rate test on my bike this morning. Since i am not able to really go after it running right now. Did a 20 minute warmup and then took the test for 30 minutes. avg hr was 131 max was 159. Both are too low in my opinion and i want to do it outside. It was hard to really go after it for 30 minutes straight on a trainer. especially since my legs were already sore for yesterday's Cf wod and tababa bike. 6.89 distance in 30 minute and avg speed of 13.6. I finished well but I don't think I went hard enough in the beginning. did a 10 minute cooldown.

cf wod - 6 rounds of 100 ft walking lunges, 6 GHD situps, 6 pushups. time 10.05. This wod hurt my already sore legs. But it was good wod for today. I hurt my thumb somehow yesterday and i don't really have gripping ability. its better today than it was yesterday so i hope it isn't anything serious.

meal 1 - 2 slices hemp bread with chocolate peanut butter
meal 2 - granola with soy milk
meal 3 - edamame pesto, spinch brown rice linguine, black bean burger, mac nuts


  1. I find my heart rate is about 15 beats higher outside than on the trainer for some reason.

  2. riding where you live I could understand that! lol! Actually i think it is just harder to push yourself on the trainer when your suffering and just sitting still for long.