Thursday, March 17, 2011

so fast, so numb

started off the day with some back squats. All were done onto a medicine ball to ensure depth


I know 125 isnt my max because I was still moving the weight quickly but it was the sticking point where I had to force myself to go down to depth with the weight. also didn't have a spotter available so it was a good working weight.
I prefer to do my cfe stuff in the morning and the cf afterwards. sometimes the timing doesn't work out that way.

run - 3 miles - time 27:30 - starting to get a little faster but still too slow for my liking!

Went back to the foot doctors today. he doesn't want me to race on sunday. he said to give it another month and then start with a 5k. I am sad about that but I really can't run well anyway, however that doesn't stop me from wanting to. he wants me to give it a few more weeks then start doing speedwork and then start racing. Still doesn't want me running hills yet either. but I did get cleared to start trying out jumping and see how it goes. so do i listen or do i race anyway? if i am really running as fast as i can then whats the difference between going to the race and running this pace compared to just training. I'll have to sort that out in the next few days. He does think Ill be 100 percent by june. I should have expected this but it was crushing to hear.  It's probably the correct the decision  and it if left to my own mine not the one I would make most likely.
Luckily I was commuting on stefan today so that softened the blow a bit. I just love riding that bike!

meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water
meal 2 - clif builder bar & mac nuts
meal 3 - tofu, peppers, zucchinis, guacamole
meal 4 - lentil sheperds pie (mushrooms, peas. carrots, taters, cauliflower, lentils), peanut butter

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