Thursday, April 14, 2011

Been down so long.

Didn't sleep well last night and didn't feel well this morning but made it to the track anyway. Did a 1 mile warmup then 4 x 400s on 1 minute rest. I didnt use my orthotics for the first time since before the surgery at all! I was going to attempt to phase this out but my left foot is still hurting from my run on sunday and I didn't want to use them and aggravate it anymore. Especially since I really want to go and race the 5k coming up this sunday! I didn't have any issues warming up. The spot I had surgery on did fell a little warm towards the end of my warmup. More like It was working than pain. I didn't have any troubles when I picked up the pace for the 400s either. Actually me left foot is giving me more problems than the right surgical side. times on the 400s were horrible went 1.40, 1.45, 1.50, 1.46. I am still not able to run fast. I'm hoping that changes! It is good in a way that i did this workout before the 5k on sunday because now I know not to expect any kind of good time out of myself. I will still be trying for one but it really is an indicator of where my running is at right now.

Finally got to do my commuting on stefan again! It didn't rain at all today! I am thinking about taking my tri bike out for a spin tonight just to get used to it on the road. I have my first tri in 2 weeks!

cf wod -
Front squats
I did these in my vibram five fingers and it felt kinda weird! I have no problems walking around in them but training still feels a little weird. I want to build my strength in my feet too!
130 - pitched it too far forward and dropped it. didn't have the time to rerack it and try again.
Good news is i didn't feel like i was going any work til i got over 100.

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