Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wheelman's Cup

Well today was my first stand alone cycling race. It was the wheelman's cup. It was a 5 mile team TT and a 42 mile Crit. It was my first time doing both events. Mostly was a learning experience as I wasn't very good at either. Got dropped by my team for the TT. Wasn't surprised I really couldn't stay with them. I did do some riding in the peloton during the crit. That was a success in that I didn't crash my bike and I didn't freak out. I am not used to drafting off of people so I have to get more comfortable with it. The race was tough because the only girls in it were on my team and i already knew i couldn't stay with them. Luckily i was able to stay with a guy that fell off the peloton too and let him pull me around for awhile. I am not a quitter so i finished the whole thing. A lot of people didn't once they fell off the peloton they just pulled off the road and stopped and watched the race. I really don't understand that. I would rather come in last than dnf. And as it broke up it would have given me more people to ride with. Lots of room for improvement. I need to start riding with people. I really haven't done that because i normally ride early in the morning and most of the rides i know about are at night. I was getting told what to do during the race. The biggest thing the crowd was yelling to me was to ride with more gear. That i was spinning myself out. My cadence was too high. After the race several people told me my seat is too low so ill have to work on that. But people were cheering for me for anytime I did do something right. It was kinda funny, they would be like look how close you are to the the guys wheel good for you! hang on! The funniest part of the whole race was when one of the guys goes to me i want you to feel what its like to be in the front of the peloton so he puts his arm around my waist and literally starts pulling me with him, FAST!. Now that's getting swept up by the peloton! If i could only be that fast by myself! so he has me add more gear and he puts his hand on my back and pushes me so i go off like a rocket. Hopefullly next time i do a crit there will be more people at my level there. the team i rode on won both the time trial and the crit so they took home the cup.

meal 1 - tofu, mushrooms, peppers, bagel
meal 2 - vega wfo w/coconut water
meal 3 - clif bar
meal 4 - lentils & brown rice
meal 5 - roasted veggie pizza, mac nuts

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