Friday, April 15, 2011

I wanna be well

I got to go out on my tri bike, damon, last night. Had an awesome time. It wasn't a hard ride since it was my 3rd workout of the day. Went with my friend Jeff who also has a p2. We rode 17 miles mostly as a getting used to be in the aerobars etc. kinda ride. i stayed in them the entire time. only had one incident where a woman turned her car right in front of me. I cursed her out. Jeff was rationalizing that she doesn't understand how fast were actually moving on tri bikes. My only issue was i find it harder to drink on the tri bike. It's basically the same as a road bike if i stay out in the bullhorns but i never was really out there to take a drink. Im sure as I become more acclimated to the bike that will resolve itself. with my commute yesterday it was about a 30 mile day.

anytime i do three workouts in a day it tires me out. normally i am up before the alarm, not so today and I didn't even want to get out of bed when it went off but I did and I took damon out again this morning and we did a 2 mile warmup ride to a nice hill were I did 20 rounds of 1 minute hill climbs will staying seated, recovered on the downhill. then a 2 mile cooldown home. It was 10 miles total so I rode about 6 miles on the hill climbs/descents. With commuting about 22 mile day. While I am not trying to log miles on my bike I do sometimes wonder if that is what is seperating me from the better riders. I just haven't spend the kind of time riding that they have.

CF wod - 20 minute AMRAP of
25 burpees
15 back squats @ 65 lbs
5 1/2 rounds completed.
I went light on the weight because i knew i was going to be tired coming off of that many burpees and i really wanted to force myself to go unbroken through this. I didn't want to allow myself to re rack the bar and rest at any point. I never did re rack the bar but i did take a few seconds at the top of the squat while still under load to regroup a bit although I tried not to do it and keep pushing. I got under the bar to start the squats for the 6th round but the 20 minutes was up before i could get a squat in. I kept a consistent pace with the burpees. I wasn't ripping them off as fast as possible because i knew with that many i would actually go faster if i just kept going fast instead of tearing through the beginning ones and then needing a break.

I did the bike wod today instead of swimming because it is supposed to be rainy all day here tomorrow. however if i can get a ride in before the rain starts i will. I also plan on going to get my swimming done tomorrow. Sunday is the 5k. I might take the weekend off from CF and start back with that on monday. Ill see how the weather is tomorrow and how the race goes on sunday before i decide on my workouts. If i do ride tomorrow ill probably do a little brick just to get that feeling under the legs.

The foot was mostly ok today. Its a little sore after all the burpees but no major issues after running with the orthos yesterday.

meal 1 - vegetable pizza & soysage
meal 2 - clif builder bar & mac nuts
meal 3 - tofu, veggies & brown rice, almonds
meal 4 - vega wfo w/coconut water
meal 5 -  slice of pizza, grit tofu, peanut butter


  1. Hi there found your blog through a CFe search. I too am using CFE protocols to train for endurance sport. I have Ironman CDA in June I am training for. It's fun to see all of your training, really good stuff! How long have you been using this training? Have you had good results so far? Happy training!


  2. Hi Jen

    I started using this training last May when I decided i wanted to start doing endurance events. I did my first duathlon in June my first tri in July and several tris after that. My results have been good especially considering i had a few injuries during this time. Fell on my bike and had an avulsion fracture and had a long time foot injury finally surgically corrected this winter. Bot of which restricted what I could do training wise for weeks at a time. You will be great at Ironman CDA and I look forward to hearing about your training and racing! Mary