Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kiss off

swim - 500 drills to warmup

15 x 100 on 15 second rest
did this with a friend at the pool and that really helped to get through it. he swims better than I do so he was responsible for the counting and such. Things that get tough for me as I get tired. all I had to do was follow him.

1 - 1.37
2 - 1.38
3 - 1.42
4 - 1.40
5 - 1.40
6 - 1.43
7 - 1.42
8 - 1.40
9 - 1.40
10 - 1.41
11 - 1.40
12 - 1.43
13 - 1.43
14 - 1.44
15 - 1.43

100 breast stroke to cooldown. Avg about 1:40 for these which I was pretty happy with.

CF wod - 7 minute AMRAP
10 thrusters at 65 lbs
20 GHD situps
got 3 full rounds and 2 thrusters in the 4th. Wow I didn't miss doing thrusters at all!

Had extra time so did some running drills. Trying to get back to proper form. It is going to be a process I can tell already

Finally had some dry weather so took my Tri bike ride outside for an easy ride just to get more comfortable on it. That kinda backfired as I got hit by a car. The guy turned left in front of me and I couldn't stop fast enough. I basically hit the front of his car and then fell on the ground. Saddest part is that the guy left and didn't even see if i was ok. However other people did stop. One guy chased him down and got his license plate so we could call the police about it. The police went to the guys house and he claims he didn't hit me I just fell and that is why he didn't stop. My friend I was riding with was yelling at him so he said he was scared. I am very happy to be ok. It could have been much worse. I am taking my bike into the shop just to get it checked out. I rode it a little bit and the rear brake seems weird. some paint on the tire but not much else that I can see. I was mostly just shaken up from it. But I am back to riding again today just trying to feel comfortable on the roads again. I haven't decided what i am going to do yet about it. If my bike is ok probably nothing. The police said they can issue the guy a citation which is a monetary fine or we could go in front of the magistrate about it. However it is going to be my word against him. I do have the names and numbers of several witnesses. But if i am not hurt and the bike doesn't need to be fixed It is most likely a waste of my time to go to court about it. I am not going to really gain anything from it. And honestly I would just like to forget about it as soon as possible. I couldn't eat last night or sleep. I just think it was from the adrenline because I was shaking for a bit afterwards. Several people have told me I should do it just to make a statement but I really don't think it would make any kind of serious impact. A friend that is a local tri race director said I should let it die because a cyclist was hit during the riverstock tri (which i did last year) in the same kind of situation. Someone turning in front of them and no time to stop. The cyclist went to the ER but the driver and the city actually sued her and won because in the state of pa a bike is a vehicle and they said she wasn't in control of her vehicle and she hit the car.  As completed screwed up as that is I just don't need the drama of something like that happening.  The guy that hit me is a retired firefighter so I have a feeling it isn't a fight worth fighting wheter it be right or wrong. I am just happy I able to keep riding my bike!

meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water
meal 2 - vega wfo, soy yougurt, ground flax, strawberries, blueberries
meal 3 - clif bar. mac nuts
meal 4 - seitan, green beans, red beets, yams
meal 5 - clif bar

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