Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Righteous & the Wicked

foot was in better shape this morning so i had the honor of running with my friend jeff who is just an amazing runner. he did the boston marathon 7 times plus lots of other impressive accomplishments. We headed out on a flat 10 miler. Took me 1.44 but the foot held up ok. A little sore at the start and finish. No major soreness yet but I am icing it now and hoping that helps with the recovery. Jeff mentioned that I am turning my left foot out when i land on it instead of it being straight. This is the foot that had been giving me most of the issues lately. I am not sure why I am doing that. Is it related to have surgery on the other foot? A tightness thing? I don't know. I took enough water with me this time so that was helpful. avg pace was 10:27. I am just not running fast yet. avg hr 149 max 158.

meal 1 - 2 slices vegan roasted vegetable pizza & 2 clif bars

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