Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Come on Pilgram!

abs are still sore! did a little brick workout this morning. Started with a 13 minute warmup on the trainer. Then did 16 rounds of tabata (20 on 10 off) followed by a 20 minute run outside. I put hills back into my running. I think it is time to start doing them again. Used my bike to commute again. I raised the seat up a bit again. Feels good. I still think it can go higher so ill probably do it again in a few days. Got a new mattress delivered today. It's bigger and i think it will be better too.

CF wod - did the whole thing barefoot because i forgot sneakers.

21- 15-9
Power cleans at 65 lbs
Time 7:48

No hand tears again! whoo hoo! I probably should start going heavier on the cleans. I didn't connect my pullups as well as I did last time.

meal 1 - granola & soy milk
meal 2 - clif builder bar
meal 3 - clif crunch bar
meal 4 - tofu, mushrooms, black beans, red bell pepper, yellow string beans, pico de gallo
meal 5 - vega wfo w/coconut water
meal 6 - grit tofu, brown rice pasta, broccoli, red peppers, scallions

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