Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Can't Stop

A little sore and slow moving getting up this morning. Did a 3 mile warmup with 3 - 30 second sprints to warmup, easier gear, high cadence then 16 rounds of tabata 20:10 in a hard gear.  Distance - 1.76. HR good. After about 2 rounds of tabata you feel like you can be done. But i made it through. no problems with the foot even though I had to stand to get the bike going some of the time.

5 rounds of
1 minute plank hold
30 seconds hollow rock
1 minute reach for the sky

This was a pretty painful ab wod.

10 rounds of
10 Kettlebell Deadlifts - 2 - 53's lifted suitcase style
10 Rope climbs (seated to standing and lowered back down)
This wod wasn't for time but it was still tough. That is just a ton of rope climbing. I had little grip strength left after each round.

then "cindy" which is a 20 minute amrap of
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

I had to admit it was hard to get excited to do this after the last wod but sometimes it is just a 3-2-1-go do it time. I used my grips for the first time and I didn't get any tears on my hand. I think they are gonna work out well. my pullups were shit, i dropped off the bar after everyone to reset the kip I was too tired grip wise to hold onto the bar. Pushups and squats went unbroken through the whole wod. Probably could have done my squats faster but I haven't been doing them for awhile. I got 17 full rounds in at 19:59.  my last pre-surgery cindy i got 17 and 2/3 of a round so I was a little behind on this one.

meal 1 - tempeh bacon
meal 2 - vega wfo w/coconut water
meal 3 vegan beef, broccoli, potatoe

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