Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Under my Thumb

Bike - 6 minute warmup, 3 x 4 minutes on:1 minute off, 5 minutes easy spin, 4 x 40:20 off used the hardest gear on the bike 6 minute cooldown. distance = 6.22 miles

meal 1 - Tofu Scramble w/soysage, spinach, bell peppers, peanut butter
meal 2 - vega wfo w/coconut water
meal 3 - Grit Tofu, Broccoli & Carrots
meal 4 - clif builder bar and 9 almonds
meal 5 - Tofu, Cauliflower, Peanut Butter, 1/2 Sprouted Grain Bagel

Short on time because of the doc appt so i had to warm up quickly and do this cf wod quickly too.

10 x 5 seated dumbbell overhead presses, 5 ring dips & 5 seated wallball situps.

Did the first 2 rounds using 25lb dumbbells and an 18lb wallball. Did the remaining 8 rounds using 20lb dumbbells and a 16 lb med ball.
I think I just planned too heavy from the start especially since all of the exercises are shoulder.

The ring dips were done as negatives. I did partial ring dips for the first two reps but I just didn't have enough to put them in this wod. The ball throwing went much better yesterday when i was tossing it across the room to a partner compared to today when i was throwing it at the wall. I didn't feel like I was getting good height. but i was sitting on the ground.

The doctor appointment went well. My foot is healing nicely. I am able to be on my foot 2 hours a day now and I can go back to swimming.The doc was able to press on the areas of my foot that normally would have me jumping off the table without pain today so that is a good sign! Either my foot is finally healing or the surgery killed all the nerves in my foot. I am able to start doing some stretching on the foot too.

1st swim back went fairly well. I did 30 minutes of swimming and 500 of drills. Took a break after 14 minutes to socialize. then did the drills at the 20 minute mark. Finished with another 11 minutes of swimming. It went ok on the foot. I only pushed off the wall with my left foot on the flip turns. I was trying to be conscious of form because I felt like things got sloppy since last time I was in the water. Meaning when I started swimming I immediately went back to all of the bad things I used to do like crossover, not keep my elbow high. So I kept thinking about them and working on them. My shoulder actually hurt more than my foot. I am coming to believe that as soon as I let up on my shoulder it gets tight. It will do what I force it to do but as soon as I stop taking care of it it goes back to being an issue. I have to keep beating it to where I want it. My ankle on the surgery foot started to feel sore towards the end but I think it was just from loosening it up kicking after being restricted for so long. obviously my swim fitness isn't where it was at 3 weeks ago but overall I didn't feel bad in the water and I am happy to be back there.

My foot is a little sore tonight could have been on it too much today or from having the doctor press on it. My shoulder is also feeling crappy but it will be fine.
Tomorrow is supposed to be my first bike maintence class. Although we are getting snow so we'll see.

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