Sunday, January 30, 2011

sweat test

Got some forced rest time while company was visiting this weekend. While that kind of things is hard for me It gave some things some time to heal up.

Swim - 5 x 100 drills - switch, catch, drag, shark ,hesitate

2000 straight - 37.53 - i know i can do better than that. I still have a hard time judging how to swim long things like this. I should just start going really hard from the start and if i die then i die.

row - 2 x 1,000 with 50 abmat situps and 30 hollow rocks between. time - 12.53 - the hollow rocks hurt!

bike - 90 min TT - 20.75 miles on the trainer. This is the longest ride since the surgery. Things are getting better no ankle plain anymore either during or after riding.

My foot still gets sore from walking. Still breaking up the scar tissue. Still has visible inflammation. I have to decide this week is going to go back and get it shot up or not. I really don't know what I want to do on that one. It is getting better but it is also still inflammed. Do I wait and see what happens? I did some of the exercises I was given to do before the surgery for the first time today. They went fine. I really want to try to run on it but so far i have been able to restrain myself. it is getting harder to be good.

I just read the article triathlete magazine did on crossfit endurance. It didn't tell me anything i didn't already know but i was curious. Also reading up on the cervelo p2. I should be reading my bike class homework.

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