Saturday, January 8, 2011

new foot unveiled! :)

Drove myself for the first time in forever today! whoo hoo! Therefore I went to crossfit to get a wod in. I didn't have a plan going in and they were doing deadlifts so that was out. However there was a bench already set up so i decided to take advantage of it. We do not normally have a bench set up so since I didn't have to move anything I decided to bench even though I have been doing a ton of pushups lately. Still went out.

Bench Press
85x3 - wasn't failing but i felt i needed a smaller step up
75 x 10
80x 6
85 x 4
90 x 1 unassisted had 2 more reps but had a spot on them

While the bench was out did some seated shoulder presses. Both benching and shoulder pressing feel a little off because i cant ground down and push off my legs. But it isn't a bad thing just a little different

Seated Shoulder press w/ dumbells
then 5 rounds ofs
50 x 5
20 kickups and a dragon flag (dragons actually hurt less then they normally although they still hurt)

I liked the little circuit so I did another one with Rowing

1 arm Bent over Rows w/ 30lb dumbbell - 10 reps left 10 reps right
10 leg tucks

10 seated rope climbs. Started on the ground and pulled myself hand over hand to standing with the good foot on the ground. Then lowered myself back to the ground. My lowering isnt as solid as my climbing.

5 sets of 10 Hanging leg lifts

10 Ring dips (partials) this is the first time I was able to do part of ring dip instead of just doing negative or having a foot assist. It was fun to be able to move myself on the rings. However I wouldn't say they were really good ring dips because my depth isn't far enough. I am not going all the down and getting my chest through the rings but it is a start to getting there!

Muscle up Progression - I spent a lot of time working on the muscle up transition on the ground. I would lower stand beneath the rings and lower myself all the way down in a false grip. Then I pull myself up to standing while turning the rips out into an assisted dip (1 foot on ground) I did a ton of these didn't really keep count. The pulls and dips were fine. Usually my first transition in a set went well but after that as I fatigued they go worse. I was doing a lot of sets of 5. The transition is the hardest part for sure. I will keep doing these. However when I have time I am going to setup a band and try a muscle up with that for assistance.

Bike - 10 minute warmup
3 x 30 seconds on 30 seconds off
5 minute easy spin
8 rounds of 20 seconds on: 10 seconds off:
5 minutes easy spin
8 rounds of 40 seconds on: 20 seconds off - my leg was done by the last rep!
5 minutes easy spin
Distance 7.41 miles. I was actually able to get my HR in the 140s today!

meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water & a sprouted grain bagel
meal 2 - tofu, brown rice, veggies & peanut butter
meal 3 - vegan beef, zucchini, red pepper, carrots, tomato sauce, macadamia nuts

Got the soft cast off today. Foot is looking better than it did on tuesday. Still a little sore but not as bad. incisions look good and the only bruising is where the fascia was cut. Need to read my bike book for class on wednesday.

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