Friday, January 21, 2011


Bike - started the day on the trainer due to a snowstorm (Again! is it time for spring yet?) 5 minute warmup, kept the cadence high and increased the gear after each minute, 3 x 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, hard gear.
15 rounds of 1 minute of big ring in the front middle of rear cassette, 1 minute of small ring in the front middle of rear cassette (attempted to keep the cadence high) 5 minute cooldown
my garmin wasn't charged so i don't have distance, cadence or hear rate date. i was sweating up a ton! Put it on the charger so I am ready to roll with it tomorrow! No pain in the foot. only the front of my ankle after about 30 minutes on the bike.

Hit Crossfit to test out some things on the foot. not a wod just experiments.

squats 3 x 15
row, 500, 500, 1000
KB swings 5 @ 18, 15 @ 25, 15 @ 35, KB clean and presses & snatches using the 18, wallballs 5@6, 5@8, 10 @ 10, walking lunges and step ups onto a 24 inch box. Handstands and reverse burpees. Floorwipers 2 sets of 15. Foot did ok. I had to go more for control over the movements so that action was more guarded than normal and not really for time but it is a start. The front of the ankle I noticed again. Some of this stuff is easier than walking. I am trying to break up the scar tissue from the surgery. My foot is lumpy and it is hard to step on that. I am using the voltaren gel and trying to gently loosen it up. I had the desire all day to just use a golf ball and go after it. I was able to resist but i didn't like it.

Swim - 400 of drills, switch, catch, shark, hesitate, 8 - 100s on 4 minutes rest
1 - 1.34
2 - 1.32
3 - 1.34
4 - 1.34
5 - 1.35
6 - 1.36
7 - 1.36
8 - 1.38
cooldown 50s of switch, catch, drag, pull, hesitate and kick.  My foot started to hurt a bit in the pool. I was in there for a long time teaching a bit and also it was just a long day. first day without any use of the crutches. I don;t think it was related to doing anything new i think it was just time to get off of it because once i did that it was ok.

Meal 1 - tofu scramble w/mushrooms, peppers & spinach, 2 pieces hemp bread w/cashew butter
meal 2 - cumin lime tofu with pumpkin seeds, carrots & broccoli, clif builder bar
meal 3 - thai tofu & veggies, Thai salad

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