Saturday, January 1, 2011

starting the new year off on the left foot

did my first 1 legged biking wod. 10 minute warm up in an easy gear. Then 10 x 40 seconds on 20 second off. I pushed it into a harder gear for these. Then a 10 minute cool down. My garmin wasn't charged so i don't have any distance/ cadence info. The picture above is the position I used for the 40 seconds on as I found it the most effective to really spin the cadence. I also rode the traditional way for the other 20 minutes.

20 raised leg push ups
40 scissor kicks
60 second plank hold
40 kickups
20 raised leg pushups
40 leg raises
60 seconds plan
40 push throughs
20 raised leg pushups

10 x 5 chair dips

As Jay requested I was cursing him during the raised leg pushups.  The kickups were fun I liked them. Then again I am partial to anything that involves kicking.

meal 1 - sprouted grain bagel & vega wgfo w/coconut water
Meal 2 - celebration roast, roasted yams, banana
meal 3 - granola w/soymilk


  1. Nice work Mary Stella. Impressive way to bike. I don't think I could get my leg in that position.

  2. It would be more impressive if i could ride my bike like that without the trainer!