Tuesday, January 18, 2011

in on the kill taker

Finished out yesterday with a third wod. Did some bike time. 20 minute easy spin on the trainer with 1 leg. Distance - 4.15 miles.

Started today out with my first 2 legged trainer ride since the surgery. This felt like a real ride! Heart rate up, sweating, willing the legs to move faster. it was great! Warmed up for 10 minutes. Then did 20 minutes of 1 minute in a hard gear, 1 minute in an easy gear. 5 minute cooldown. 7.98 miles.

CF wod - the thrilling thirty
30 pushups
30 GHD situps
30 seated wallball shots with a 20 lb ball!
30 back extensions
30 overhead presses with 20 lb dumbbells
30 knees to elbows
30 bent over rows - 65 lb barbell
30 seconds of reach for the sky
30 chair dips
30 seconds l-sit

I tried to go a little heavier on the weights since it was a low rep wod. I had to walk around the gym to get to the different stuff so that slowed the wod down a bit. It was rough throwing the 20 lb ball. that this is just heavy. The knees to elbows were no treat either. the l-sit was a joke coming as the last thing in the wod I couldn't hold it together for more than like 5 seconds at a time. it was ugly.
time 17:48

I also practiced my kipping pullups. It is so nice to be able to chain them together and not have to drop off the bar. They are really coming along great the last couple of days. :)

meal 1 - tofu scramble w/spinach, red pepper & mushrooms & 2 slices hemp bread w/cashew butter
meal 2 - cumin lime tofu & roasted yams, 2 zone blueberry muffins
meal 3 - vega wfo w/coconut water

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  1. You are amazing! You hammer every workout, nice work!