Tuesday, January 4, 2011

glass slipper

Bike - 10 minute warmup then 10 minutes of 1 min on 1 min off in a really hard gear. 6 x 10 seconds on 50 seconds off in an easy gear. went for the highest cadence possible on these. 4 minute cooldown. On all of the off "rest" portions I did leg lifts with my casted leg. It was good stuff no pressure on my surgical foot but able to fatigue my quads, hams and glutes.

meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water
meal 2 - soy yogurt, vega wfo & ground flax
meal 3 - tofu, peppers, onions, lentils
meal 4 - Cashew crusted tofu & garlic roasted green beans, peanut butter

Got my fiberglass cast off today. If I never had a cast again in my life that would be fantastic! I don't like the saw they take casts off with that thing is a little scary! Got my stitches out too and it hurt a bit when they came out. I think it is because my foot is really bruised up and it just hurts. It is now in a soft compression cast. I have to wear it until Saturday. Then I can take it off. I able to do one hour a day of full weight bearing activity like walking. The rest of the time I have to use the crutches. Honestly my foot is so sore i can barely walk on it. I am doing some walking holding onto things and using my crutches. The doc said it is going to hurt now when I first start walking on it. It's normal but honestly it is a little scary how much it hurts. I usually have a good pain tolerance but i couldn't run on this thing if i wanted to right now. I seriously can barely walk. The pain hurts as soon as it make contact with the good and it isn't only the foot that is sore. It hurts right up through my calf. This will keep me in control for awhile!

10 minute warmup
3 x 10 sec on 50 sec off hard gear
2 minute easy gear
3 x 20: 40 - hard
2 minute easy
3 x 30:30 - hard
2 minute easy
3 x 40:20 - hard
2 minute easy
3 x 50:10
I did the leg lifts during my rest again. I do a knee lift, a straight leg forward lift and a straight leg back lift.

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