Saturday, May 22, 2010

20 miles & nothing 2 show 4 it

Did a 20 mile bike ride this morning that included the 16 mile Duathlon course I will be riding in June. Came home and hooked up my Garmin to the computer anxious to see what the ride looked like and It said data transfer failed. Not sure what to do or if the data is even still accessible. Maybe I will read the manual later and try to figure it out. If anyone reading this has a garmin forerunner 405 and knows what to do please comment for me! The ride was good, glad I went on the course. The first and last 1.5 miles of the course is actually flat so that will be nice coming off the 1st run and to finish up the bike portion strong. then there are some long rolling hills to climb and descend. (the joy of living in the valley of the pocono mountains) Actually saw the race director out riding the course no time to stop and chat though. Legs were tired today and lower back was tight towards the end of the ride. I have the leg wod from hell to complete later today (thanks jay). I have a feeling this will have me recovering in front of the hockey game and possibly even the mets game later.


  1. MaryStella,
    I have a back pack that I use every day for bus or bike commute. It carries my laptop and whatever else I need for the day. Yesterday, it was a bit too heavy, but i managed. Room for my laptop, work clothes, food, wallet, phone, iTouch, etc. I leave a pair of work shoes, sneaks, and workout clothes at my gym. Its only 6.5 miles for me to get into Hartford where I work. Not a very bike friendly ride, but I make it work :)

    Back pack is a North Face Melinda. It'll be around long after I'm gone!

  2. maybe I just need to bring less stuff with me! mostly it's food.