Sunday, May 23, 2010

Featured Athlete - Vegan Fitness Website

1 mile warmup jog followed by a 10k Run time 1:01:24. Legs felt tired the whole way not sore just fatigued. Did my torture ice soak afterwards even though my feet weren't really sore. never feel like eating when I come back from this kind of stuff so I had a Banana and Thrive diet Mint Carob Sport Drink. Tried real food but I no appetite yet will eat later Im sure. I never eat before I go out early in the morning either. maybe i would do better if i did I just cant eat and run so i don;t like to take the time.

Plan on ordering a wetsuit and some tri shorts later today. not sure if i will get a top. I don't really like running in shirts so I usually just wear a sports bra. looking at the 4inch inseam low style shorts. emailed garmin to try to retrieve my bike ride data from yesterday. it appears to still be on the watch somewhere.

I found out today that I am going to be a featured athlete on the profiles page on the vegan bodybuilding and fitness website.
Im so excited about that. I was quoted in the vegan boydbuilding and fitness book by Robert Cheeke but that was more about the important of having such a website and the forum connecting the athletes where this will be more about me personally. A good number of the athletes featured on their have been interviewed for magazine articles etc. so i think it is great opportunity to bring the important of diet and hopefully the message crossfit out a bit.

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