Friday, May 7, 2010


warmup - 100 yds swim 100 yds drill 100 yds swim 100 yards drill - drills are 6 beat switch, catch up stroke and finger tip drag
10 x 50 yds on 20 seconds rest. 50 yards were taking me approximately 50 seconds. I was doing them without flip turns. Started working on my flip turns after the workout. I will try to start incorporating those into my laps. No shoulder issues while swimming today.

50 wall ball shots for time - 5:35 - accuracy was an issue again today. I did more just didn't count them as they missed the board. i was tired and sore warming up to do this. Glad it was a short wod. My shoulder felt so weak doing my warmup pullups.

have a 5.5 trail race tomorrow. I am hoping I feel better than I did today. Not sure if i didn't sleep enough or what but I was just tired a good portion of the day.

sprouted grain bagel w. earth balance
vega wfo w/coconut water
smoked almonds
steamed broccoli and hummus
tempeh bacon
hemp shake w. soymilk
vegan pizza
dark chocolate peanut butter


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