Sunday, May 9, 2010

frozen feet part 1 & 2

frozen feet part 1

yesterday my heels were really sore both of them not just the injured one. submerged them in ice and ice water for two good sessions (really an exercise in mental toughness) I also took some ibuprofen last night which i rarely do.

attempted to attached the speed cadence sensor to the bike but I am not convinced I can do it correctly so going to take my bike into the shop and have the bike guys do it.

5.8.10 fuel
Sprouted grain bagel with earth balance
VEGA WFO w/coconut water
2 slices vegan pizza
Smoked Almonds
Tempeh Scallopini w/ mushrooms
Sauteed Spinach
VEGA WFO w.coconut water

frozen feet part 2
Had a 10 mile time trial to do on my bike this morning. it was 40 degrees and windy where I live. Headed out for a 3 mile warmup before coming back to the house to grab a jacket to put over my wool jersey, real full gloves instead of biking gloves and a skullcap to put under my helmet. Did a 10 mile time trial in 46:09. I love my garmin so far. I am just really impressed with the things it does and i barely know how to use it yet! feet were frozen when i got off my bike. literally had to seperate my toes with my fingers. refueling and hitting another CF WOD later.

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