Saturday, May 1, 2010


Great day today! Got to sleep in a little which is huge since I haven't been able to do that for at least 6 weeks or so. First success of the day - loaded the bike rack and bike onto my car without it taking too long!! Headed to Crossfit and started with my pose drills and running technique practice. I felt so much better maintaining pose form while running today. most likely because I wasn't as fatigued as the other day.

Then 3 rounds of:
100 ft Walking Lunges
30 ABmat situps

Time - 5:28

My cycling shoes came in today so I went to try them on. They fit so I got the pedals switched to clips on my bike. Went to a school complex near my house so i could avoid traffic and rode around this afternoon just practicing clipping in and out of my bike while riding. So far I didn't fall although i am sure it is coming. I actually really like riding with the clipped pedals & shoes. It just feels better to me.

Gotta hydrate and carb up today for tomorrow's tough mudder race. I am happy to hear it is going to be warm. I think that will make this a more enjoyable experience.

VEGA WFO w/coconut
Cocoa Almonds
Sprouted Grain Bagel w/Chocolate Peanut Butter
Hummus & steamed Broccoli
Ginger Coconut water drink ( Lemon, agave, salt, Ginger, coconut water)
Soba Noodles with carrots & red peppers - Chili Oil sauce

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