Saturday, May 15, 2010


So I'm still sore today(if not more sore). My butt is not pleased when we have to sit down or stand up. Anytime weight walking lunges are involved it is usually a 3 day pain period. Im thankful today was a lite day to recover and get ready for tomorrows 10 mile run! Also it is my husbands birthday today so I have to make his birthday dinner and stuff. So it is going to be a busy day today.

Shoulder Press -
70 x 2 - fail on both :(

Last day of the 6 week Pose running homework. I still don't have a perfect pose but I have a feeling this is something I will need to work on for awhile. I still notice the tightness in my lower back afterwards.

Stable Arm Drill
Forward Lunge
Wall Drill
4 x 1:30 @ 102 cadence with 2 minutes between
buttkicker drill
1 x 6 minutes @ 94 cadence

VEGA WFO w/coconut water
Tempeh Bacon
Smoothie: Pineapple, Mango, Blueberry, Banana, Coconut water, Ground flax seed, ginger

Dropped my bike off at the bike shop to get my garmin speed cadence sensor installed. Can't wait to play with that function.

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