Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chilli Challenge Tri Race Report

Rode the bike leg of the Chilli Challenge Tri today. Decided to take my road bike and it was the right choice because we were the 1st place all female team! whoo hoo! It was a cold morning on the bike for sure especially because of the high winds. This tri is a little different. It started with a stand up dash to our bikes. Then mass chaos ensuing as everyone was trying to unrack their bikes, mount, clip in and take off all at the same time. The mass bike stat thre drafting out the window for the entire race they said that would not be enforcing it. I didn't let the start rattle me I stayed aggressive getting out of there and onto the road. Sucess number 1 was i didn't face plant while running in my road shoes although not the best for the heel situation.  It was a hilly course  (climbed from 600 ft to 1300ft) on some crappy roads and dirt & rock roads. It would have been easier to ride a mountain bike for sure but I don't think as fast. I was lucky enough not to get a flat. There were a few times were my bike wasn't all that stable but overall I only really almost fell twice. There was a very long stretch of rocky dirt road with a constantly winding hill. People were dismounting and walking up the hills and I was refusing to do it until I came to the final 20 ft or so where I almost wiped out twice because the grade was so steep on the hill. At that point I decided it would take less time to walk/run the bike up that part. There was a great descent immediately following this climb with winding turn after winding turn. I rode with so much gear on because of the wind that i was sweating a decent amount  in the freezing cold but not taking in enough water. I was like an ice block when i got off the bike. I had to dismount and give my bike to a volunteer so I could run down to our kayaker. as soon as the hand off was complete I took a rest on the ground as i had no issues keeping the HR up today. Had to change out of the frozen gear most of which was covered with snot and get out chilli cups! I actually loved these awards because they were hand spun pottery bowls with chilli challenge written in them. They put a little metal placard on it with out place and the year. Much more useful than a trophy and just much kooler. Anyone that won't a chilli cup actually got a free bowl of chilli in it but i passed on that since I don't do the meat thing.  Today was actually one of my worst days zoning yet. Mostly because I was gone all day I still zoned but would have liked better food choices.

bfast - 6 oz grit tofu 1/2 bagel w. vegan cream cheese
snack - 2 scoops vega with wfo
lunch - clif builders bar
snack - clif builders bar
and another snack - clif builders bar - all i had access to
dinner - Hummus with steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, 1/2 bagel w/ vegan cream cheese, Decaf Chai Tea.

Got a little swim in today - a little shy of 30 minutes, didn't have time to do any drills because i didn't know when I was going to get kicked out of the pool so I set right into doing my stroke count swimming. I was sucessful at getting a few laps at 16. I think I even got one at 15! but in general i feel like I am moving really slowly to accomplish this. Mostly I was ended up with 18 - 20. It does feel more fluid but not as fast.  Happy I got to do because my legs were a little sore after the race but the swim loosened them up and they feel better now. way better than they did when i was actually on the bike. 


  1. Sounds like a lotta fun! I laughed out loud a couple times reading this... :)

  2. it was a blast.glad it made you laugh!