Saturday, October 23, 2010

I thought I missed my bike

spent yesterday and and today between tarrytown and NYC.  Diet was off a bit but overall not that bad.

friday - lunch - ceasar salad, mexican timbales (seitan, black beans, Guacamole, sauteed kale), Chocolate mousse pie (tofu, no refined sugar but delish!) Never ended up eating dinner. Walked around the jack o latern blaze and the horseman's hallow. Lots of  field, gravel, dirt, unstable walking. My heel hurt last night and today. That's not a good sign that just walking makes it that unhappy in my opinion. How am I going to run again?

saturday - morning workout was sitting in the hot tub. Ended up being up really late last night and actually sleeping in a bit. It's been a long time since that happened. There was a tiny pool I jumped in after the hot tub to cool down. I did some laps of breakstroke, backstroke and butterfly for a few minutes just to try to loosen things up. This pool was the perfect size for the shape my fly is in. Its strong for about that long only. Went to the Vegfest in NYC today.

breakfast - clif bar & 3 mac nuts
snack - clif bar & 3 mac nuts
lunch - tempeh bacon, 2 seed waffles (hemp, flax, chia)
snack - vega vibrancy bar & 6 mac nuts
dinner - vega wfo w/ coconut water & 1/2 cup blueberries

Didn't get home in time to ride outside today. so I did 90 minutes of 1 minute on 1 minute off on the trainer. total beatdown!
10 minute done - damn this hurts, this is going to be rough
20 minutes deep - ok I'm ready to be done with this
30 minutes deep - this is really tough not even half way. put your head down and just keep peddling
45 minutes deep - half way - felt like I could be done. legs hurt, tired and thinking how am i going to make it through the second half because it isn't going to get easier
50 -60 minutes deep - getting disoriented. just not feeling well
70 minutes deep - don't have the energy to think or feel anymore, assessing is over
80 minutes deep - i think im going to make it but not completely convinved
90 minutes done - ouch!
me in nyc city getting caught reading about bikes!

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